Fill N Chill table

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Fill N’ Chill Table

Present your food professionally and safely with our Fill n' Chill table. The Fill 'N Chill party table is easy to use. Place it in any convenient location, load it with ice, and fill it with food and drink. This table makes life simple at picnics, family reunions, birthdays, graduations, meetings or other occasions where large quantities of food and drink need to be kept cold.

On average, this table holds 4-7 bags of ice and is big enough to put in 8 cases of beer, soda or water for your event.


•    Inside dimensions: 29''H x 69''W x 3½''D
•    Exterior dimensions: 31''H x 73''W x 6½''D
•    Tapered bottom with centrally located drain.
•    Collapsible steel legs
•    Available in white.

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Fill N Chill table

Fill N Chill table

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