Lava Patio Heater

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Warm up your party with our elegant Patio Heater Rental. Our Lava Heat patio heaters provide your party with plenty of warmth and light to keep the party going even when it’s cold out. You won’t have to worry about ending your party early because it got too cold. Each heater heats an area of about 40 square feet around it. Because of the design of each heater, the heat it provides extends all the way around it. Placed in the middle of an area, one heater can keep a lot of people warm.

Our Patio Heater Rental also look amazing. Each heater has an inner glass tube where the heating flames are contained. When they are turned on, these heaters produce a two to three foot tall fire inside of the glass. It is a very stunning look that will add some class to your party or event. This also adds a bit of extra light for your guests when it starts to get dark.

We supply each of our patio heaters with a full 5-gallon tank of propane. This will keep the heaters fueled for approximately 12 hours!

 So give us a call today to book one or more of our patio heaters and keep your next party toasty warm.



Space Requirements: 4 feet long by 4 feet wide and 8 feet tall

Price: $105 per patio heater and comes with one full 5-gallon propane tank

Lava Patio Heater

Lava Patio Heater

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